2014 Rally and Nehemiah Action PDF Print E-mail



March 31
First Congregational UCC


Nehemiah Action 

April 28
TruVine Missionary Baptist Church



Ryan McBride - Executive Director
Phone - 941-894-2819


The Vision of Justice Ministry PDF Print E-mail


The main goal of justice ministry is to foster community wide action on the problems of individuals and families, so that such issues as poverty, crime, sickness, housing, education, and environmental degradation may be lessened, and education and economic opportunities may be expanded.

Our local justice ministries seek to live out the calling of God to do justice,” as stated in Micah 6:8 and Matthew 23:23-24. Our congregations do well with faithfulness through weekly worship and prayer; and do well with showing mercy through tutoring, food pantries, mission work, and other mercy ministries. But, our congregations need to do more to meet the justice requirement.

“Doing justice,” means holding our political and economic systems accountable to the core, Biblical values of fairness, love, and respect. To do justice requires having enough power to hold these systems accountable. As we learn from Nehemiah’s calling of a great assembly of people to bring charges against the unfair nobles and officials, there is power in numbers.

Because one congregation doesn’t have enough people-power to hold the systems accountable for justice, congregations build power by joining up with congregations across the county, and, together, exercise their power by turning out hundreds, even thousands, of people to an annual community meeting – the Nehemiah Action – to win needed changes.

Congregations active in justice ministry have a vision to one day turn out their average worship attendance once a year for that great Nehemiah Action in the Spring, where the community gathers, and holds public officials accountable to bringing about changes that will improve the quality of life in the community.

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